Canadian Silver Refiners started during the silver bull market of 1980. The high silver prices brought so much scrap silver onto the market that refining capacity was overwhelmed and scrap silver dealers were facing extended turnaround times in refining lots. Once Canadian Silver Refiners had set up its refining operations, the price of silver crashed and the scrap silver market virtually dried up.

CSR then concentrated on the smelting and refining lower grade silver bearing materials, notably silver from photographic and radiographic industries. This included photosensitive film and paper, electrolytic silver flake and metallic replacement cartridges.

In developing markets for the out turned silver, CSR began alloying silver and pouring silver and silver based alloy shot or grain. Today, CSR is a leading supplier of silver and silver alloy grain to industry.

In 1997, CSR restructured its business operations, taking on its current name, Canadian Silver Refiners Ltd. Shortly after, CSR began pouring small investment grade silver bars to fill the demand from coin and precious metal dealers.

Today, CSR provides smelting and refining services and sells silver and silver alloy grain and bars to precious metal dealers and industrial clients. CSR does not deal directly with the general public.

CSR is an ISO 9001 certified company.